Inevitable Chaos

When things run smoothly you always end up paying for it. It’s inevitable. It happens every time! Why is that? Take tonight for example. My husband had plans so I picked up the boys after work and we headed home. My two older boys starting playing together WITHOUT fighting! Do you know how rare that is!? Amazing. I kept looking out the window to see if pigs were flying. I made dinner, for which they devoured. Even the broccoli. No bickering about who is sitting too close to who. No complaints about who got a green plate and who didn’t. Plates were brought into the kitchen and put in the sink without being told.

They gave me a sane and peaceful 20 minutes of running on the treadmill without constant interruptions. Logan did his homework without whining. He then took a shower and didn’t resist the 6 minute timer I put in there. I even got the younger two to take a shower without nagging about how they wanted a bath. It was truly miraculous.

Teeth brushed, a couple of books, into bed with their lullabye. Ahh, mommy time. Goldfish, wine, and a basket of laundry to fold. Then it all fell apart. The little guy. I guess things were going too smoothly. From 8pm to 9:47pm, out of bed FIVE times! You know the well publicized book Go the F**K To Sleep by Adam Mansbach…that’s all I wanted to scream after the third time. Water, another lullabye, big Panda, and daddy to sing a lullabye. Oh my goodness! So much for the perfect night of motherhood. Inevitably my evening was too good to be true.

At last…


Update: The little stinker slept in his bed all night so I can’t really be mad. That’s a rare occasion!

15 thoughts on “Inevitable Chaos

  1. I need to get that book, for sure! Sounds like you got a bit of the good with the REALLY?! Haha. The joys of mommyhood! The “at last” is precious, though. You made it to the perfect part of the night 🙂 And those sheets are amazing, btw!

  2. I have the audio book read by Samuel L. Jackson- it is TOO funny listening to him read it, but oh so true sometimes!
    & we had an unusual event occur last night as well, B climbed into bed BEFORE bedtime all by himself and fell asleep! Unheard of!
    That makes me wonder what tonight will hold… haha.

  3. You might need to change the name of your blog to When the Kids go to Bed, I Wish they’d Go the F**K To Sleep. Sound good? I love this post. I remember these days and nights. And I’ll just say it… they go by very quickly. Oh, that’s just the Grandma talking. xo!

  4. Yup – we need to appreciate those small victories as Moms. Why does it seem that at any point I can have 2/3 of the kids being perfect angels but it’s that stinker of a 1/3 who ruins the whole thing! 🙂 Then just as that one gets out of the funk – another takes over being the stinker! I bask in the harmony when all three are being wonderful at the same time!

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