Sometimes I Just Have To

Judge all you want, but sometimes I let them play video games just so I can have a moment of peace or productivity. Thank you LEGO Harry Potter. They actually work as a team instead of fight. Love it.

kid video games

5 thoughts on “Sometimes I Just Have To

  1. We had a snow day here yesterday (yes, in April, don’t get me started!) and the kids spent the entire morning switching from the Wii to the X-box to the 3DS while Mommy drank her pot of coffee and READ THE ENTIRE NEWSPAPER! They played nice, Mommy played nice, everyone got along. You can’t tell me that’s a bad thing!

  2. Playing video games has been tagged as ‘evil’ but occasional use is not such a bad thing, especially when you need some time to yourself and space! You’re a busy lady and you deserve a bit of ‘you-time’. 🙂

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