A Sunday Surprise

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law took all of the nieces and nephews (8) for a sleep over Saturday night. Yes, I know, crazy! They do this about once a year and the kids love it. Of course they come home the next day tired and irritable with meltdowns every 2o minutes.  This was our Sunday. We started with seeing The Croods with our friends. Really cute movie by the way. By the time we got home they were hungry and tired. Crying over EVERYTHING! How dare I cut their grilled cheese into squares instead of triangles! boo-hoo. I had about enough and decided to go outside and get some yard work done. They all went upstairs with daddy to relax and watch Peter Pan.

After getting part of the yard done and contemplating grabbing a chain, wrapping it around my husband’s truck tow-hook, and yanking that dang messy cedar tree down, I went in the house to check on everyone. I shut the door and heard a little voice so, “Uh oh, I think Mom is back.” Great, this can’t be good. I kick off  my shoes and walk up the stairs to find this…

giant fort

A massive fort. Now I’m all one for a great fort. I just always end up being the one that ends up cleaning it up, OR I have to ask the boys and my husband to clean it up about 12 times before anyone does it. It’s aggravating. However, this fort, this fort really irked me. Do you notice the string going from one end to the next. Where do those strings tie? Those strings are tied to screws. Screws that are now in my walls! UGH! Now it may just be the kids toy area, but still! Come on! The fort will come down and I will have six new holes in the walls. Deep breath. This is NOT the first time.

Allie, what are we going to do with these boys!?

my wiem

13 thoughts on “A Sunday Surprise

  1. Now as an adult I totally see your point, but as a child there was literally nothing that gave me more joy than expanding and expanding a fort until it took over an entire room! That fort does look like quite a very accomplished one…(she says in a wistful voice)

  2. You poor thing. Of course they would do that while you weren’t there! I will tell you that girls are no better though. We no longer have towel bars in our bathrooms because my daughter decided she would try a few of her gymnastics tricks on them (yes, more than one because if the first one didn’t hold her, perhaps the one in the other bathroom would). KIDS!!!!

  3. Oh yes, screws in the walls are not cool. But they’re practical. I’d leave them there, unless they’re dangerous. Perhaps a dab of paint on the heads to make them “disappear.” At least they won’t end up drilling new holes for the next fort…

  4. And here I flip out when the kids even put tape on the wall! Yikes! Glad you at least have sweet Allie who clearly feels your pain – and also lacks opposable thumbs so can’t put screw holes in your walls. 😉

  5. Sounds like you have FOUR kids! lol Sometimes the men are just big BOYS, aren’t they? Sorry you have to deal with so much testosterone. Like you said… Deep breaths! Good luck! 🙂

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