Wordless Wednesday

Nearly Wordless Wednesday – Holding On

There is only so much I can take. I can’t even go on Facebook. Instead of scrolling through pictures of horror, sadness, loss, gore, and conspiracy theories, I’m scrolling through pictures of my family tonight. Pictures of the precious moments and holding on to them tight. I’m watching my little ones sleep. Because, you never know.

The Precious Moments:


And The Downright Silly Moments:


Embrace them all. My heart aches for all those families. My heart soars for all of those heroes.

9 thoughts on “Nearly Wordless Wednesday – Holding On

      1. yeah, I don’t know why they mess with classic stuff. I am from Jacksonville so naturally I am also a Jaguars fan and they just switched their logo too. ANNOYING! Probably just so everyone will have to buy new clothes to not look dated at games.

  1. very, very true. I have enjoyed every giggle, even every tear, so much more the past 2 days. My heart is with all of those families and all the people of Boston.

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