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New To School Vacation

I’m sort of new to school vacation. I usually work. I may take a day or two off, but for the most part I work. We might hit the movie theater or go on a hike. Today I had the day off and we went the zoo. Remind me to check on social media before going forth on such an INSANE adventure!! Someone surely could have warned me that I was a crazy moron for taking my kids to the zoo on a sunny spring day during school vacation week. I’m not a fan of crowds to begin with. At all.

I parked illegally today. I never do such things but I couldn’t stand looping around the three lots again, and I really couldn’t stand having to park outside the lot and make my three boys walk all that way. Not that I worried about them walking, I worried about having to listen to the whining. God help me. There isn’t enough wine to get me over an experience like that ever again. I parked in the dirt (I wasn’t the only one). We still had quite a walk, but it was doable.

Then we had to wait. Wait “patiently” for friends. Friends I knew would have to be circling the lots multiple times, then parking outside the park, and trucking across the fields and streets to get to us. 45 minutes to a 4-year-old that wants to see elephants, Lord please help us. Then we finally entered the park. We made our way through crowds, strollers, and wagons to see some of our favorites. By the time we reached the penguins I was spent. The anxiety! I was constantly doing the head count. 1-2-3-4-5. 1-2-3-4-5. We ended up racing them through the park in order to get our heart rates back to normal. It was a terrible zoo visit. We all agreed on that one.

So we made up for it at the playground. I have now learned…no ZOO during school vacation! Next time, we hike the reservoir.


7 thoughts on “New To School Vacation

  1. We went to the zoo over spring break. We were supposed to have one beautiful day so off we went. So did everyone else. I had no idea until we got home that it had been so crowded there that day, they closed the zoo! No one else could get in. It was busy but we must have just managed to miss all the craziness. We won’t be going next year either.

  2. Later in the day is always the best time. One time we went during vacation (before lunch) and while we were looking for a parking spot Teddy got sunscreen in his eyes and Stella got car sick and threw up all over herself. We have never again went before 12:30.

  3. oh my gosh LOL! so sorry you went through that. it does get busy – i was there at the natural history museum and planerarium today and people were parking that far up for the zoo! here is what i always do… since the kids were born i do the zoo when it opens or we usually don’t go at all. some exceptions 😉 but no matter when it is, school vacay, or otherwise, if you get there when it opens you will never have a problem! xo

  4. At least this is a mistake you will only make once! Now that is in the past and you can enjoy sensible outings like the park 🙂

    Good for you for taking some time off during break though. I really need to get better about that. Stop and smell the flowers right?!

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