Tracing It Back To The Beginning

I had to run over to the dollar store yesterday to pick up some things for the T-ball parade. A little history of the location of the dollar store: there is basically nothing left in that plaza. There is a Subway, a RAC, and empty spaces. I think there was even a Bertuccis there at one point but that’s long gone too. It used to be the plaza where I took my first baby to Stop and Shop for grocery shopping, but that one closed and a new one was opened in a better area. It was a happening plaza and now there is nothing there. Back to the story. As I exited the dollar store with my bag full of noise makers and party beads I glanced up at the empty spot next door. You could still see the outline of where the letters of the sign were. K B Toys. 

K B Toys, a rush of memories flooded. Trips to the grocery store with just my one and only child (Sure beats dragging the three of them to the store now.) I thought about how much simpler things were…and how quiet things were. He rarely ever asked for anything. I look back and I’m just amazed how much things have changed. I looked again at the emptiness of the missing K B Toys sign and was suddenly very sad. That was the place that I first bought Logan a toy. It was the first time he ever really asked for something. He was probably 18 months old. A Cars toy that had a dinosaur on it. The mother in me just HAD to get it, so I did.


That was it, the beginning of the WANT, WANTS. That’s what we call them. It’s all been downhill from there. That first purchase at K B Toys. It is a vicious cycle. Want, want, want. I can’t stand it. Sure, occasionally I will buy them something and other times I say no, but they ALWAYS ask for something. They don’t throw tantrums but it still drive’s me crazy. Even tonight, when I told them, “DO NOT ask for anything or you don’t get the surprise in your movie night snack,” they still proceeded to try to ask without actually asking. “Do you see that mom? I sure wish I could have that for my birthday.” “Oh  mom, I have a crush on those swords.” “I’m not asking, I’m not asking, I just can’t contain my excitement…did you see those dragons!?”

Drive me crazy is what they did. So why do I punish myself and bring them along when I have to do errands…because it’s  my job. I’m a mom. I sometimes wish they would just ask for little cars again…instead of taxidermy rattle snakes and laser tag sets. Then again, before I blink they will be asking for cell phones and cars, and I’ll be wishing they were still asking for dead alligators.

3 thoughts on “Tracing It Back To The Beginning

  1. Ah, the good old days when they were satisfied with tiny things! I am the worst at giving in to the dollar section of target (and the cheap lollipop section at michaels), but I’m working on it because I am so sick of all of the crap we don’t need just lying in piles around the house. And I too dread the future of cars and cell phones and gas money and designer clothes, etc. We have managed to steer clear of the really expensive technology-related toys/games thus far and I am trying to drag it out as long as possible!! Feeling your pain!

  2. Yes, things do change over time, from shopping plazas to children. Nothing stays the same. (sigh!) But without growth and change there would never be grandchildren! 🙂

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