He Talks ALOT!

talkerMy middle boy inherited the gift of gab from his daddy. He talks…CONSTANTLY. It’s been this way since he was 18 months old. Yak, yak, yak. At times it is endearing and at times, like when going to bed, that enough is enough.

Me: You talk too much.

D: I get told that a lot.

Me: You do?

D: Yeah.

Me: At school I take it? (scolding voice)

D: All the time….What? I have a lot of questions about everything like all day, every day.

Just fabulous. Lucky he’s cute.

3 thoughts on “He Talks ALOT!

  1. My dad used to say that about me, so I tried soooo hard to never to say it to one of my kids, but finally the other day, the damn broke. I asked my nine year old- “have you ever just wanted to be quiet?”

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