Marching Along

Sorry for the lack of descent blog posts lately. What can I say? It’s not that I haven’t had any content, I’ve just been too busy with it all. I’ve been meaning to share our t-ball opening day with you all week, but I just haven’t found the time and honestly, I’m wiped out. The past couple of weeks have been somewhat of a blur ever since the kids went back to school after their April break. First of all, I went to part-time. I  must say I LOVE being home a couple of days a week, but the paycheck seriously sucks. Instead of catching up on blog posts with my extra time I’ve been getting spring cleaning and yard work done, spending some quality time with Finn, and training for this weekend’s 5k.

Last Saturday the two younger guys marched in the Little League Opening Day Parade!! Super cute…and super LOUD! So glad I didn’t polish off that bottle of wine the night before or else my head really would have been split into pieces.

t-ball parade

t-ball boys

Then it was time for their first game. Deacon played last year, but this was Finn’s first time. It was adorable and they both did fantastic. Deacon of course gave the thumbs-up while rounding the bases, and Finnegan crushed the ball pretty well for a tiny 4-year old.

swing batter

So I’ll try to keep up and plan ahead.

2 thoughts on “Marching Along

  1. I get what you mean about being busy. In anticipation of staying at home, I am doing all of my desk work while I still have the 9 to 5 job. I don’t see it happening again for some time.

  2. I had no idea you were moving to PT! I am very jealous. Although I do work from home it is very much FT and PT is so appealing. Enjoy it – smaller paycheck and all because life moves fast and boys move faster 😉

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