Gifts for Mom – Under $20

under $20 gift ideas for mom

Mother’s day to me is more about indulging in a little extra sleep and having my coffee brought to me in bed. That makes me happy. I don’t expect presents, just a small token of appreciation like extra hugs and kisses. However, here’s a little list of gift ideas under $20.

1.) Hand-printed terracotta potted plant. Purchase a plant and have the kids use ceramic paint and put a hand-print on the side of the pot. Cuteness.

2.) Clean the bathroom, I mean SCRUB it everywhere. Especially in a house full of BOYS! Get the walls gentlemen!

3.) A framed hand-print tree. I saw this idea on Pinterest and fell in love! Easy, inexpensive, and an absolute treasure!

4.) Gift-card to the bookstore where she can spend some quiet time.

5.) I personally would love this photo lens travel coffee mug.

6.) Mom’s favorite sweet treat.

7.) Plan a picnic. Nothing better than quality time together as a family and not being the one who has to prepare everything.

8.) Purchase a porcelain pen and have the kids draw or write a special message to mom on platter or mug.

9.) Plant some of mom’s favorite flowers. My favorite is hydrangea. My mother gifted me a beautiful hydrangea plant last year and I’m thrilled to see it starting to return to life right now.

10.) Target has some great bold spring scarves this season for on $14.99. Add a little color to mama’s wardrobe.

What are your favorite gifts to give or  receive for Mother’s Day?


13 thoughts on “Gifts for Mom – Under $20

  1. #’s 7 and 9 are very appealing to me. I don’t want to cook or clean ANYTHING on Mother’s Day, and I love to entertain (just not THAT day)! I love my daughters and sons to have their own special days with their families and in-laws, so we generally get together later in the day for a very informal cook-out and some games in our back yard. I love that MY Mom spends the entire day with me and then gets to see all the grandkids and great-grandkids. Informal and easy are the keys!

  2. I really, more than anything, just want good food all day long! My husband told me to pick out some recipes. Yay! That and the park sound just fine. Hope yours is great.

  3. I couldn’t agree more with a little extra sleep and no cooking on my special day. Gifts are nice but time to myself is priceless. Plants can ALWAYS win me over though and the scarves at Target are adorable!

    Happy mom’s Day <3

  4. CLEANING THE BATHROOMS is what I am getting this year!!! I can’t imagine having 4 potty-trained dudes – I’m including dad in the mix. I only have 2 (plus the stubborn one that just won’t do it anywhere but while taking a bath) and they still make the worst mess! I feel for you!

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