Parenting Lessons from Mama Bear

The majority of you already know that I adore the Berenstain Bear books. They were my favorites as a kid. I would sit in my room for hours and read my entire collection of them. A collection I’ve added to since then and now share with my boys. As I read them now, as an adult, I find myself relating to Mama Bear a lot! I’m Mama Bear all the way. I have come to the realization that I have learned many of my parenting skills through Mama Bear.

For instance, Messy Room. This one was my all time favorite BB book ever. This moment right here…yes, I do this. When I get fed up or they are misbehaving I threaten the boys with a BOX. A box I will fill up with toys if they keep pushing my buttons. She knew how to get to those cubs and remedy a situation.
Messy Room

And this one too. We take manners very seriously around here. There are consequences for rudeness and bad attitudes.


Think of Those in Need is one of our newer ones. We often talk about how we have too much stuff and there are others out there who need things more than we do. We go through our things as a team and donate what we no longer need or use (I then gather more after they go to bed).

too much stuff

Then there are the lectures on junk food. Fueling your bodies with the food you need. Mama gets all the junk out of the house and offers healthy alternatives. Go Mama!

healthy food

I seem to find myself in Mama’s shoes all of the time. Especially, when Papa is put into the mix with the kids (junk food, trouble with chores, too much tv). He’s just a giant cub. Mama is a little out number, just like me, but she has some great ideas on how to get her crew into shape. Mama and I need to share a glass of wine some time.

11 thoughts on “Parenting Lessons from Mama Bear

  1. Great post! I love these books, too. The Berenstain Bears weren’t around when I was a kid but, when the kids were little, I’d pick up the books I felt were most relevant because I, too, am a lot like Mama Bear. The kids loved them and they did get the point, at least for a short time after I read them. And, yes, Papa Bear didn’t make it any easier, especially the No TV one. He’d never go for that! lol

  2. Wonderful post! I almost got teary-eyed… I remember reading the same books to my children. The lessons apply to children of all ages – so maybe now that they’re all teens, I should get them back out (especially “Messy Room”). LOL

      1. I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve never heard of this series!! Now that I’ve read about it on your post, I’ll be sure to check the books out. Sounds like something which I would enjoy reading to my kids. Thanks for sharing!

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