Mother’s Day Tribute From My Son

The first grade had been preparing a Mother’s Day Tribute for weeks. It was top secret. Logan never talked about it. I got most of my secret intel from my friend’s son. He just kept slipping. I really started to worry when another friend mentioned her son’s presentation might be including her love for wine. Crap, what the heck is this kid going to say? You know they DO say the darndest things. I think every mother in the room was a little apprehensive. All were wondering if they were about to be thrown under the bus. Logan was the first boy to take the stand in front of the microphone. My heart pounded.

My attributes according to my seven-year old.

I’m nice, a very good cook, and I make macaroni.

I’m hisΒ favorite mom in the world. I would hope so, I’m his only mom.

My son loves me because I love squirrels, dragonflies, and dolphins…just like him.

My son ROCKS! This was the best gift every! My heart is melted.

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10 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Tribute From My Son

  1. Ten years ago, my then 4 year old told the whole Mother’s Day tea attendees that her mom likes to take naps! I was pregnant at that time – gave birth right before Mother’s Day that year – but really it was like I was Mama Lazy! πŸ™‚
    Happy Mother’s Day! There’s nothing like seeing how our kiddos view us! Priceless!

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