Still Experiencing Adult ADD


I’ve written about it before and it’s still happening. I’m sure it happens to all of us. At least that’s what I tell myself. You set out to do ONE task, just one task and it takes you hours to complete because you constantly start on other things mid-task. It’s a spiral. One thing leads to the next.

All I wanted to get done yesterday was steam the floors. It had been bothering me emensly all weekend. I finally had a free day. I dropped the older two off at school,  and then gave the little guy breakfast while I ran on the treadmill. I was pumped up and ready to tackle the floors. However, in order to steam the floors they needed to be vacuumed first. Before vacuuming the floors, the stairs had to be swept. Sweeping…check, vacuuming…check. Wait, hold up, there is a blanket left by the kids on the kitchen floor. Of course it is now covered in dog hair like the other three blankets upstairs that need to go in the wash. Okay, so before commencing with the steam mop I need to get these blankets in the wash.

Oh look, Live with Kelly and Michael is on. I’ve never seen them together. Time kill. Oh yes, the blankets into the wash so I can steam the floor.

Switch the laundry…oh dang, now there is laundry to fold before it gets wrinkled. Oh I better put it away or it’s going to sit in this basket forever.

Little guy peed on the toilet seat….let’s just clean the entire bathroom.

Steamer needs more detergent. This cabinet is a mess and needs a little organizing.

Let the dogs out…oh no, I forgot to water the garden. Dog mess needs to get picked up. The sun is still shining I should cut the grass. It’s going to be raining by the time my husband gets home and it REALLY needs to get done.

Finn’s lawn mower needs more bubbles. On a hunt for another bottle of bubbles.

Now I’m kicking myself in the ass for not getting the floors done. The ONE task I set out to accomplish. I guess I need to look on the brighter side. Laundry done, grass cut, garden thriving, bathroom clean.

Some day these floors will get done…some day. Oh look, a squirrell.

8 thoughts on “Still Experiencing Adult ADD

  1. I do this stuff all the time. Love how you show your day. That’s what my day is like when I can’t focus on something, usually because I’m procrastinating though. 😉

  2. Do you think it ever goes away? I’ve given up hope. As I take a break from the floors–or was it the laundry–to check work email–and hell, how did I end up here? And what was I doing before?

  3. How is it that we never end up doing the one thing we really wanted/needed to do? Same thing with shopping. I will go to Target on a precise mission and end up getting everything but the one thing that I went in there for in the first place! You are not alone!

  4. It’s such a Mom-thing. Seriously. Our women brains are going every-which-way anyway and then toss in kids and chores. OK! Bottom Line: there’s too much to do in too little time when there are so many exciting things to look at! And somehow, all gets done in the end… xo!

  5. I swear I just walk around the house in teal rubber gloves because there is NEVER a time to just sit… not having TV limits my distractions, but having a cat who sneaks behind doors as they’re being shut often takes up my time (which closet is he trapped in this time…).
    Screw the floors, btw. That squirrell is way better 🙂

  6. There’s an email joke going around that covers this exact problem. It happens to me all the time. Be comforted to know, you’re not the only one! lol

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