My Definition of a Good Day

Finding the bottom of the laundry basket.

A fresh cut lawn.

Clean floors.

An evening where the kids don’t complain about doing their homework or eating their dinner.

Well organized and no fighting bath/shower time.

Having my son read me a book.

No whining and complaining at bed time. Not even requests for water, Clairitin, or putting in their breakfast order.

night night


What really makes your day?


19 thoughts on “My Definition of a Good Day

  1. What makes my day?
    Seeing the bottom of the laundry basket, definitely!
    Clean house
    Full fridge
    Detailed car
    Full tank of gas
    Yard beautified
    Workout in
    Melt-down free morning
    Hormone-free evening
    Nothing on the calendar
    Healthy kids
    Quality conversation with my husband
    Some delicious wine
    …..if none of that happens…..

    It’s still a great day! 😉

  2. Love your list! I think my perfect day would be the day after we spend a day cleaning, food shopping etc. It’d be nice to stay home and have no where to go. Play outside, rest inside. Def a no fuss day where I didn’t need to “tend” to things other than my kids. 🙂 That laundry basket is never ending!

  3. Great list!! Totally agree on the bottom of the laundry basket – unfortunately, that’s a rare sight. 🙂 I love a freshly vacuumed car, new sheets on the bed and no dirty dishes in the sink!

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