No Homework? Say What?

I got to pick the boys up from school the other day. I love when I get that chance. My first-grader came running out all smiles, which is the norm but this time it was a really BIG smile. “Guess what Mom, we have NO homework for the rest of the week! Or maybe she said the rest of the year, I don’t know.”

Seriously, I don’t know who was more excited about this. NO HOMEWORK! An end to the incessant whining. Homework time has gotten a little better over the past couple of months, but there are still those days where I want to grab the page, do it myself, and stick it back in the folder in order to avoid the urge to throw a shoe at him.Β I am so DONE with whining about homework, and acting like he doesn’t know what to do. It’s not difficult homework. It’s the same type of thing every night, it’s only first grade after all. It’s not like he has to read chapters upon chapters out of text books. It’s one page, two sides every night.

While I was trying to contain myself and not do my happy dance right there in the school yard, the little guy came out of kindergarten with the news that he ACTUALLY HAD HOMEWORK! I contemplated doing my happy dance again because this boy NEEDS homework. If they dont’ send him home with homework I make up my own homework for him to do. Don’t feel bad, he really NEEDS it, he’s behind.

No homework gives usΒ  more time to sit and read a book together, or kick back and watch an episode of Tanked. Β It also gives me more time to get my butt on the treadmill, get dinner made, and make their lunches all before my bedtime. I like not having the pressure of a homework battle.

I’m looking forward to the summer with no homework…and no making lunches. However, I need to have something set up so that they are still reading and keeping focused on some school work. Do you give your kids homework or reading lists for summer? It’s something I want to do but not sure where to begin. Thoughts and ideas please.


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  1. I usually take mine to the library to get books that they are interested in and think they might learn about in the year to come (or have just learned about and want to know more). Sometimes they even sit me down and become the teacher while I’m the student just to point out what they know (and what I don’t). I don’t give them “homework” per se because they do get so much during the school year that I don’t want to deal with the whining either or them getting burnt out, but I try to point out the educational stuff that we happen to come across throughout the Summer so their brains don’t turn to mush. We also still watch alot of the PBS shows like Super Why and Sid The Science Kid because they make learning fun and my older 2 haven’t started complaining about being too old yet (knock on wood). πŸ™‚ Good luck! Staying busy and on track during the Summer months is HARD with 3 kids!

  2. We have the same homework battle here, so I feel ya. My son had an awesome teacher in 5th grade, but totally old school with homework. Like 5 subjects a night, up until the second to last day of school!
    During the summer, I require my kids to read for 30 minutes a day. My husband decided to implement “daddy school” this summer and makes worksheets for them everyday. It’s not had stuff, but enough to occupy 30 minutes and keep the mind going. It’s usually a page of math facts and then another page of something else: vocabulary, comprehension, social studies. Today was naming body parts, skeletal names. The other week was states and capitals. Easy stuff, stuff to avoid the mush brain.
    My kids complained when they were told they were getting it, but since it started and they realized it wasn’t terrible, they do it quickly and without complaint. In fact, one of my son’s friends asked for his own copy. He said he was bored at home!

  3. I understand where you’re coming from! Your kids sound so independent and adorable. OK, as far as summer lessons or incentives, I’ve found that the local public library’s reading program was fun when my kids were little, but the “prizes” they offer are not very realistic.Very lame.You want to get them excited to reach a goal. Not spoil them or anything, but come on. There’s definitely more exciting prizes than a cardboard Clifford for WEEKS of reading. We read in our house anyway, but we gave fun things on our own to sweeten the deal when they were little and learning to read. πŸ™‚ (Note: Every parent is different, so you can take or leave this advice and I’m totally fine!) πŸ™‚ Say your son reads X many books = he gets a new Star Wars lego packet. Or so many books and he can take a friend to the movie of your choice, etc. Also – don’t be shy about asking your child’s teacher about a summer reading and math packet or summer reading recommendations. Some teachers do this, but it’s not a requirement. We made these packets a requirement in our home. it helps them catch up and stay focused by September. Note that some teachers share it with the students, but on the last day of school, your kids might accidentally pack it and bury it under other stuff! God luck with everything!

    1. I have a meeting on Monday with the reading specialist for one of them. She’s got some goodies for me to pass on to one little fellow. I’m going to have to set something up. Maybe earn a trip to the aquarium.

  4. I know what you mean! We worry about the lack of homework too, and the shock of when school starts up again! In the summer I take my kids to the library and we do the summer reading program. We also do a lot of hands on learning- traveling around, trying new things learning about farms, local wildlife, and also cultural things- museums, food and music, and hopefully this summer maybe go to a play. its easier said than done. Its hard when summer ends and real homework begins- this sit down- write on the paper kind. uggg.

  5. We homeschool, so it’s kinda ALL homework!! πŸ˜‰ We take July off and I don’t care if they do a darn thing! No, I’m just kidding – they will be reading because that’s what they like doing, and there are so many great educational shows available to watch! πŸ˜€ Happy Summer!

  6. I always had reading lists, but, even better, we DID educational things and then I was excited to read more or look up more information (we had encyclopedias in the house… how ancient!). I think “homework” sounds SO drab… no one wants to work from home. Extended lessons are fun and just another way to learn more!
    Have a happy, homework free, summer!

  7. We are going to get books this summer, leveled workbooks, and do some authentic learning while being out at the beach and on our trips! I will try and make them learn when they least expect it! =) They need to keep their skills up though!

  8. I am laughing so hard…. because we all go through this and oh boy…. I think it is the hardest part of parenting in the elmentary years. Summer is here thank God!

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