We Survived Kindergarten

The day has come, he’s graduated kindergarten. Honestly, I didn’t think it would happen. I caught myself a few times contemplating keeping him in kindergarten another year seeing he just made the cut off to be there in the first place. But he did it. We still have some more work to do over summer to get him up to speed for first grade. The kid’s vocabulary amazes me, but to get him to sit down and focus on reading…Lord help me. It’s always a struggle.

Introducing my new first grader.

k graduate

It was also great to see my nephew graduate as well. He even got the award for Perfect Attendance!! High-fives to Machar.

perfect attendance

We’re very proud…now on to FIRST GRADE! My heart just stopped. At least my baby still has one more year till entering kindergarten. Time goes so fast!


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