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My Skinny Ass Is Still Here

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I know the blog has been a bit scarce lately. I’ve religiously delivered my Wordless Wednesday and maybe an occasional post of how my kids made me laugh so hard that I almost peed my pants. However, I’ve been slacking. Maybe slacking is not the best choice of words because I personally feel like it’s a little more like hiding. This blog was my space for sharing my life, my thoughts, and whatever was going on in my head.

Over the past month or so I’ve been on a new journey which started with me saying goodbye to my beloved Goldfish and wine combo. I have immersed myself into a different lifestyle. A lifestyle of clean eating and more fitness. While I have always been into health and fitness this is a whole new level for me. I gave up processed foods (yes, I cheat occasionally). However, for the most part, I have tossed the processed food and increased my exercise and I’m trying to be more healthy (moderate wine intake for sanity, of course).

My reason for not sharing my journey is that I feel defensive about it. I’m thin. I’ve always been thin aside from my three pregnancies. I had good pregnancies where I didn’t gain 60lbs. I have always had a healthy BMI. Whenever I mention that I went for a great run or I don’t want to eat this or that I get ridiculed.

“Your skinny ass needs to eat a cheeseburger.” (note, I do eat cheeseburgers, just now without the bun)

“You’re a twig.”

“You don’t need to run.”

“So, how much weight do you lose? You don’t need to lose weight.”

“Skinny bitch.”

Sure I shrug it off, I even laugh along with them but then I feel like an outcast. I don’t exercise to be “skinny.” I exercised to be healthy. I exercise because it clears my head. I don’t get on a scale and weigh myself. It’s all about how I feel. (See. I feel like I’m defending myself again)

I have this constant need to defend myself for trying to live a healthy lifestyle. I’m kind of sick of it.

The “you don’t need” to do this or that…it’s discouraging. As far as clean eating goes, I have read way too much to go back. Do you know the crap they put in food!? It’s disgusting. Just give me a shot glass of formaldehyde and be done with it. One of the benefits of my clean eating…dermatitis is gone. Two weeks and it’s completely gone.

I’m going to share my journey here. You can “skinny bitch” me all you want, but I’m not going to get discouraged anymore. I’ll be smiling when I look in the mirror at the mom of three with the rocking abs. I’m not going to hide. It’s stuff I’m interested in and it makes me happy.

My friend Tera at Girl Gone Healthy posted this the other day. I LOVE IT!!

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21 thoughts on “My Skinny Ass Is Still Here

  1. I totally understand your defensive response. I am naturally skinny too and always have been. People tell me to eat all of the time (AND I EAT A LOT) and ask how much I weigh, what size I wear, if I have an eating disorder and other things that people would never dare say to an overweight person and I get really defensive too. BECAUSE IT’S RUDE! I think it’s great that you are exercising and cleaning out your diet because it’s making you feel good and that’s the only thing that matters! Congrats on being healthy!

  2. People say the same things to me when I order the yogurt instead of the french fries or eat my salad with no dressing. I’m kind of a health nut (not as brave as you), ad people just don’t understand. I’m not trying to loose weight, I’m trying to be healthy. And I can’t help but think ‘If I ate the way you do, I probably would need to lose weight.’ All of this while they’re on 500 calorie crash diets…

    1. Someone else who understands. I love it. The 500 calories crash diets, the drinking lemon, syrup & cayanne pepper crap…. I don’t get any of that. Just eat healthy and exercise, but indulge in a cupcake once in a while 🙂

  3. I love it. Period. The beauty of life is that people come in all shapes, sizes, motivation, metabolism, genetics. We are all on individual journeys, and when one can help the collective group, it’s very important and exciting. I am very excited to share your journey, Sheri… xo!

  4. I totally understand where you’re coming from. I’m naturally skinny as well and I exercise and try to eat as healthy as our budget allows us (clean eating is, sadly, more expensive) but when people make comments about how I don’t need to work out or need to eat more than a salad because I’m already skinny, it makes me sick! Just because you want to take good care of yourself does not mean you necessarily want to LOSE weight. You need your insides to be just as healthy as your outside looks.

  5. I still remember how upset I was when I went to a new family practice doctor and she kept making comments about my weight – even telling me I was underweight, which I’m not; like you I am genetically predisposed toward thinness, plus I’ve been vegetarian (I’ve never liked meat or fish) since high school and since my first pregnancy have focused on eating organic and whole foods (mostly because I don’t want to feed crap to my babies!). Needless to say, I never went back to her; but her biting words stayed with me. I just couldn’t believe a DOCTOR was telling me to stop being so healthy!!! Anyway, stay strong in your conviction that you’re doing what’s right for you and your family. And keep writing about your journey – rest assured that there’s more people who will be inspired by your story than there are trolls who will critique you (even if those trolls DO have louder voices).

  6. I love this… Never been overweight either, but I know that I have to start exercising more in order to keep from getting that way, especially with everything I’ve been eating since we got to Memphis.

    It’s definitely not about the weight, but about the health.

    Keep rocking!! Maybe someday in 2014 I’ll be able to see my abs again!! 40 sucks. 😉

  7. Girl go on with your bad-ab-rocking self! Skinny doesn’t just mean thin it means fit too and heart healthy comes from the inside out. I admire your will power and think the stronger we are physically the more apt we are to be able to keep up with our kiddos. Don’t listen to those negative Nellies…they don’t know what they are talking about anyway. XO

  8. I get the exact opposite- “when are you going to lose the baby weight”, “think you’ll ever hit the gym”, ” I remember when you were thin”. 7+ years later and I’d love to lose the baby weight but I’m healthy, walk 3 miles 4-5 times a week and ran my first 5k at 41 years old. I’d love to be the size 8 that I was at age 32 but I had my one and only child at 33 and I’m so proud to show him that no matter what size you are you need to eat healthy and exercise!

  9. How your body feels is more important than all the teasing in the world. Don’t listen to those discouragers – they’re just jealous! I’m glad you’ve been able to control your dermatitis through a healthier diet and lifestyle. THAT is what really matters! 🙂

  10. I wasn’t always skinny, but I worked really hard to exercise and eat clean, so now I am in shape. I always eat clean and workout, and I feel like I have to defend myself too. Everyone says I don’t need to exercise or “diet” (as they mistakenly call it), but I want to stay healthy! Thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one 🙂

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