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Movie In the Park

I’ve always wanted to watch a movie in a park ever since I first watched The Wedding Planner with Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Lopez. Sweet and romantic. We were told by friends that they would be hosting a movie in the park this weekend. I was so excited. The feature film… Despicable Me. Perfect for the family. It was a great event with bouncy houses, a playground, free cotton candy, and a talented balloon artist. I just didn’t imagine the turnout. There were so many people. So many, that I was getting nervous. I’m not a huge fan a crowds. But the kids were having fun.

snake balloon

But then they got antsy. Really antsy to the point that it wasn’t enjoyable anymore and the movie hadn’t even started yet. We waited, and waited, and it still hadn’t started. If they asked, “when is it going to start!?” one more time I don’t even know what I would have done. We watched as the storm clouds started rolling in and hoped the rain would hold off. The boys then proceeded to put on dance show as we waited. At least that occupied two of them.

lippet park (2)

Finally, the movie was about to start. Yay. As soon as it started they asked for popcorn (the free popcorn was gone before it got past the second row of blankets). Then Logan asked for more blankets. Finnegan then asked for milk. All things I should of thought about before going. The only things I brought were the camera, the bug spray, and a blanket. We left within the first 15 minutes of the movie. They are now upstairs, cozy, eating popcorn and pretzels, and watching a movie. So much for my movie in the park. Next time I’ll plan better. I’ll pack my own snacks, drinks (maybe even wine), extra blankets, and maybe a few coloring books. As we pulled away they said, “Thanks for taking us there, that was awesome.” Okay, where I thought I failed, they had a great time. Win.

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  1. Good for you for trying it! We did this once at the kids’ school’s football stadium around Christmas time and had very similar results. I think it’s always more exhausting/annoying for the parents but even if the kids complain, they still seem to love the experience somehow and so we keep trying things out! 🙂

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