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Sometimes Lazy Is Good

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Well that was a long holiday. Seriously, it was 5 days of celebration. 5 days of swimming, fireworks, and late nights. 5 days of my children getting more and more overtired, which then causes nasty attitudes and meltdowns. Forcing me to go in survival mode and pour that extra glass of wine.

We needed a rest day. A day to do absolutely nothing and not feel bad about it. The sun was shining and the pool was calling, but we didn’t do a thing. They played Legos, watched movies, and played some video games. I caught up on laundry and did the grocery shopping. We just vegged. I almost took one of those things you call a “nap.” It was so needed. Typically I feel guilty when we hang in the house all day and do nothing, but it was just what we needed to recharge our batteries. And they actually made it to bed on time for the first time in a week. Bliss.

Have you recooped from the holiday yet?

6 thoughts on “Sometimes Lazy Is Good

  1. We’re in week two of the major vacation. Just had to listen to the baby cry to calm himself down for bed. Overtired and overstimulated is so hard for parents. Glad you had your unwind day!

  2. My blood pressure went down twenty points, I swear, just reading your Post of Relaxation. No matter how much fun a vacation is, I have often found that the one or two days after a vacation are the real vacation!

  3. We did a week long family vacation/family reunion at the Lake. Late nights, lots of fun. Then came home to baseball State tournaments and swimming finals. I didn’t get out of bed until 9 this morning. It felt WONDERFUL!
    Those lazy times are so needed!

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