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Sometimes You Get Wowed


Do you ever have one of those WOW moments? A moment when you can’t wait to get on every social media network and tell the world about it. Facebook, tweet, insta-everything. You’re just that amazed and excited. I had one of those moments today. I came home from work and my husband had cut the grass, fixed the gate (broken since the blizzard), cleaned up the house a bit. But that wasn’t my WOW moment.

I went into the bathroom and I could smell it. It’s not the vile thing you’re thinking. I could smell the toilet cleaner. MY HUSBAND CLEANED THE TOILET….without being ASKED! Just pinch me. Pinch me now. I wanted to shout from the rooftops. Run to the computer and announce how freaking fantabulous this was. I was so proud. My honey cleaned the toilet.

Sure. My hubby cleaned the toilet if squirting toilet cleaner in it and flushing constitutes cleaning. Damn.

Oh well. No complaints here…my gate is finally fixed.

6 thoughts on “Sometimes You Get Wowed

  1. My husband is clueless about all the things my daddy did for my mom growing up. When started dating his phone was on the kitchen counter. I asked him, why don’t you just hang it up? He said, I don’t know where I could hang it. I told home what about these hooks that are made for hanging phones right here? The hooks ( screws) where right next to the phone.
    Thank the Lord he is good at his work and music, otherwise he would be kind of useless. lol

    Congrats on the toilet. That is awesome.

  2. I think I’d just be happy if Hubby’s aim were better! lol To give him credit, he does clean the toilet on rare occasions. Looks like yours had a productive day. Be thankful for those small miracles! 🙂

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