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Wallet Approved Summer Fun

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We’re going through our second humid heat wave for the summer. It’s brutal but I’m not complaining one bit. Winter was way too long. I’ve been trying to find inexpensive ways to beat the heat but keep the kids occupied. Let’s face it, not everyone can afford to hit the waterpark every day, or the beach every day, or a pool club membership. If you can find a bargain movie theatre, that’s great. The only one around here is really gross so we don’t go there.

1.)    Running the sprinkler or hose can get costly. What we’ve been doing is running the slip n’ slide for a little bit and then they grab toys and play in the puddles left behind. This seriously occupies them for hours. I turn it back on now and then, but it’s not constantly running and they don’t seem to mind.

slip n  play

2.)    Another great resource is There are bowling alleys all over the country that participate in this program. Each week I get an email with coupons for each child. They can bowl two games every day for only the cost of a shoe rental. This is such an excellent program. They have a blast and it takes up a couple of hours…air conditioned and no need to apply sunscreen for the zillionth time.

3.)    Going to their uncle’s pool for the cost of a pasta salad and some hugs and kisses. Always a favorite pastime for us. You can’t beat good food and spending time with family. They’re also exhausted at the end of the day which makes bedtime a breeze.

4.)    Water balloons. My kids absolutely love them! Sure my fingers hurt after making so many knots but hearing their shrieks and giggles is totally worth with. We bought this little set for $9.99, and we’re on our second season with it. It’s so much easier than trying to get those balloons around the faucet. They each get a bowl full and go town. Although, I must be honest, they complain when I make them pick up all the broken balloons.

5.)    Make your own movie theatre. Draw the shades, turn up the air conditioner, pop some popcorn, and gather some pillows and sheets. Sometimes a little downtime with family is just what you need. Make it special with a theme. A showing of Peter Pan with chocolate gold coins tossed in the popcorn. Throw a sheet on the floor and pretend it’s a pirate ship. So much fun.

pirate theme movie

6.)     A breakfast picnic at the playground. Get them worn and tired before it gets too hot out. This helps get rid of the mommy guilt for hiding indoors for the afternoon.

7.)   Bookworm Wednesdays at Showcase Cinemas. For the summer, fill out a “book report” form and that is your admission. Check the schedule for movies. This week, Ice Age: Continental Drift. My kids have to read a book to see a movie. Perfect!

What are your favorite, keep cool/wallet friendly, things to do with the family?

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