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Crafty Collaborative – Black Bean Salad

Hey everyone. I just had to share this recipe we tried out over at The Crafty Collaborative. It’s become my new summer staple. Not only is it a great salad on its own, but you can do so much more with it. I threw some in the skillet with some scrambled eggs. Oh my God!! It was so good. I’ve topped my greens with it, used it as a salsa with pitas, and even topped chicken and swordfish. It’s so good.

Head on over it check out what the other ladies thought. You don’t need to be a super chef to mix this one up.

For you health nuts, I made it, minus the sugar. You really don’t even need the sugar. It’s full of yummy, healthy goodness. Black beans, avocados, shallots, peppers, corn, olive oil and some lime. No need for the refined sugar.

black bean salad prep


black bean salad

One thought on “Crafty Collaborative – Black Bean Salad

  1. It looks interesting, but with black beans, avocado, shallots, & green peppers, Hubby wouldn’t touch it with a10 foot pole! He’s such a fussy eater. I’ll try almost anything! 🙂

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