The Beast in the Garden

First I noticed the top of one of my cherry tomato plants was missing all its leaves. I found a green caterpillar, removed him, and gave him a new home in a tree. A few days later I noticed more tomato plant damage…which really pissed me off. What does one do? This garden rookie headed straight to Google. I found out it was a horned worm that feeds on tomato plants. There must be another one in there, I thought. I scoured every plant and leaf. I knew I would find him, so I didn’t think I would be surprised…but I was. Whoa! Oh my God! And A holy $#*! escaped my mouth. I couldn’t believe the size of this thing! IMG_20130722_154650

The monstrous beast. I shouldn’t be shocked by the size seeing how much the sucker ate, but he was 4 inches long!! Eww.

He’s straight out of Wonderland….it’s Hookah!

8 thoughts on “The Beast in the Garden

  1. I haven’t seen a caterpillar like that since I was a kid – and that’s going back a few decades! One summer at the lake we were inundated by big, fat, green monsters with huge black spots on each end that were about 8 inches long, three fingers thick and ugly as sin. They were so gross, but turned into beautiful moths or butterflies! I think they were Luna Moths, but can’t really be sure. It was a lo-o-o-ong time ago! Your boys might find it interesting to see what yours looks like after its metamorphosis. 🙂

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