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I Created A Jurassic Monster

Let me preface, we’re not a big techy family. I have a tablet that the kids very, very rarely use. The kids don’t use smartphones aside from an occasional 10 minute session of Angry Birds. There are no iPod Touch things or any of that. They play Wii and Playstation, but that’s it. You won’t find them at a restaurant with a DS in hand or any other type of mobile device.

While perusing through Facebook the other day I came across an app called Jurassic Park Builder. I immediately thought of Logan. I knew he would love it. Then I pondered downloading it. My curiosity won and I hit “install.” I called him into the room and he was overjoyed with excitement! “You mean I get to build my own Jurassic Park!?” Yes you do kiddo. As we started I realized that he’s learning lots of things. First, he’s practicing his reading because you need to read what your missions are and execute them. Secondly, he’s learning about business and how to make some money by investing money. He’s also learning to take care of his dinosaurs by feeding them…which then again costs money. He’s having a BLAST!! From doing research and hatching dinosaurs to installing ponds and other features, we’ve been exploring all the possiblities and building a fantastic park.

jurassic park

At first I was really thrilled about us spending some time together and him coming to me for help and advise. However, now he’s become a little obsessive (okay, me too). As soon as I get home from work, “Hi Mom, you know what I’m going to ask, don’t you?” Yup, he wants the tablet. I even find myself collecting money from the dinosaurs while he’s sleeping. I tell myself I’m doing it for him. Deep down I know I just really want to get enough  money to add a Stegosaurus.

I now almost understand this crazy Candy Crush saga that has been plaguing society….wait, no, I don’t think I’ll ever really understand it. How addicted are you to apps/games?

He just asked this morning for his own tablet. And so it begins.

3 thoughts on “I Created A Jurassic Monster

  1. I an not very tech savvy myself (my kids seem to be able to figure everything out immediately while I am still struggling), but I do have a few word games (and candy crush, sadly) that I enjoy playing once the kids go to bed. Mine have randomly asked me for various electronic devices and we have been able to put it off so far but I’m sure it won’t be long until they start bombarding me with requests! not looking forward to it! haha!

  2. I play games only when I am tottaly stressed. Johnny plays when we travel to pass time on long drives and when his older brother comes over sometimes they play video games. That is about it.

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