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Farewell Summer…sniff, sniff

The kids head back to school next week. I feel like this has been the shortest summer ever. Many parents are doing the happy dance as their kids get on the bus. I’m just plain sad. I’m not ready for it to end. This is the first summer I actually had time off to enjoy with my boys. I had two days off during the week and it was awesome. Usually our weekends are packed with cleaning and birthday parties. The never-ending to-do list haunts me. This summer I had two extra days to spend with my boys. We got to go to the beach more than once this summer (a record for us). We had fires in the backyard, breakfast dates at the park, and just lazy days around the house. I savored every moment.

beach trip

We took our last beach trip of the season today. We looked for jellies, fishies, and crabs. We dug in the sand and soaked up the rays. We had our traditional stop at the best soft-serve ice cream place ever. It was sad. That looming feeling of homework battles and packing lunches swirled while we ate our mint chocolate chip. A few more weeks of summer, that’s all I’m asking for. This was my last free day with them.

I’m excited for fall. The comfort foods, apple picking, Β the mums, and football. I love fall. I’m just so not ready for it yet. Just not yet.

11 thoughts on “Farewell Summer…sniff, sniff

  1. I feel so bittersweet about summer ending this year, too. Maybe because last summer we didn’t do the beach because Addie was too young and all of our amazing memories this summer… whatever it is, I look forward to the Fall, but wish we had just a few more weeks!

  2. I usually mourn the end of summer, but this year, I’m totally ready. I think because this year, fall means huge new beginnings for me (and my son) and I’m so looking forward to it!! But I never got to the beach this summer. boo. πŸ™

  3. It sounds like you had an awesome summer! I only went to the beach once, but I had a great summer, too. I’m not yet ready for it to end, even though I don’t have any kids going back to school. It’s just hard when the carefree days of the season come to an end!

  4. I’m with ya, girl!!! I am so not ready for it to be over. I enjoyed this summer immensely with the girls. i felt like it was the first summer that I wasn’t stressing over a baby. And it went by in 22 seconds. I love the fall to death, but am so not ready for it yet!!!

  5. I always missed everything about summer when the kids went back to school. Of course, I was going back to school, too… which meant all kinds of organization and schedules and homework again. AND dark early. Autumn IS lovely, especially in New England, but it’s just not summer. I also miss seeing all of my grandkids… summer makes it so much easier. Ahhhhhhh. Love your post…

  6. The change of season is always hard — whether you don’t want it to end or are counting down to the next phase!

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