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At Last. Laser Tag With Vadar

Since he was four I’ve been hearing about how he wants a laser tag birthday, specifically with Darth Vadar. I blew it off last year and he had a pool party at Uncle Jimmy’s, but this year I had to deliver as much as I can’t stand the public birthday scene. Shoot me. I really can’t stand them. They just scream anxiety for me both as host and guest.

I grinned and bared it. I must say he had the most amazing time. Truly amazing time. It was worth every penny spent, every torturous glance at some scary looking folk, and the swarming crowds at every token/ticket machine in the joint. We started off with tokens for every kid and they played the machines for a little bit. Then it was time for our first round of laser tag. He kept asking, “Where’s Vadar?” Vadar wasn’t due until the second game. After our first game they had pizza, spent the rest of their tokens, and then anxiously awaited Darth Vadar’s arrival. Suddenly the music started…the Star Wars score. There he was approaching with light saber and all. He was even accompanied by a storm trooper. Deacon and the rest of the crew were escorted by Vadar and the storm trooper to the battle zone. Awesomeness.


Every one seemed to enjoy themselves even though I was apologizing to each and every grownup for making them come to a place like this. It was a tough call on who enjoyed it more, the little ones or the big boys. After going through the shots I got on the camera…I’ll say the big boys!

laser tag big boys

13 thoughts on “At Last. Laser Tag With Vadar

  1. Sheri… I’m laughing out loud at this post! You are such a wonderful Mommy! I’m laughing, too, because last February vacation while watching Keith’s two kids (Taylor 12 and Andrew 10), they wanted to go to laser tag. “Oh, no. NOT that. NOT there with all those sweaty kids and germs smack in winter,” I was thinking. Of course, I said YES. Well, then they expected ME to play. What!? I did, of course, and had the BEST time. I loved it. I sucked at it and they laughed at my trying so hard… but I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Love this post… xo!

  2. Love it. It doesn’t get any better than this for a boy, does it??! This is ALL my son wanted at that age, and we granted his wish via the now out-of-business Radical Ricks. How cute and HOW FUN!!

  3. We stopped in at a laser tag place to check it out & it totally freaked me out LOL I just can’t wrap my mind around my 4 & 6 year old running around in the dark in there. It’s like an accident waiting to happen! But your pics look like it’s not that dark. Maybe I need to revisit…hmmm….

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