Happy Back to School Parents

Well they’re back in school. We’ve gotten past the anxiety on the kid front. I’m still a bit uneasy on the crew I saw in my 6 year old’s class, but that will all unfold in the months to come I’m sure. He needs focus. In reference to Courtney’s blog, Embrace the Insanity, my 6 year old is much like the dog in Up too, “squirrel!” Right into the mix of things until the next flash grabs his attention.

The first day anxiety has beaten me up along with the pile of paperwork of all information I have to fill out that they already have. Rather annoying but it needs to be done. For Deacon, I filled out the “emergency card” and then a full form that asked all of the same questions. Same for my older son. Then there is making arrangements for them to be picked up at the same door, another hassle but it’s been taken care of. Then the rest of the crap.

I think we’ll have a good year. The boys seem happy with their new teachers, but I have to admit that mommy will still be a bit on edge till our first parent/teacher conferences in October. Top on the next eight weeks of soccer…three boys on three different teams. Wah.

So this night, this gorgeous Friday night, I have gotten myself a bottle pf wine and a bag of Goldfish (for which I gave up months ago) and I celebrate and grieve at the same time. Back to school, back to soccer, back to homework, back to making lunches….BUT the silver lining…FALL TV IS ALMOST HERE.

Happy back to school parents!

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  1. I remember the reams of paper that would come from the school each year. It’s like they’re making the parents do homework before they start dumping it on the kids! Hope the rest of the year goes as well as the first few days. (And I can’t wait for the fall TV line-up to begin, too!) 🙂

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