The First of the Practical Jokes

It was an odd day today. For the most part my kids got along which was nice. They just decided to gang up on me instead and battle me over the “no more screens” rule set forth. They did their reading to gain some video game time but after that I wanted them to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. They fought me tooth and nail. I finally said that they either go outside or go upstairs and play with their toys. If they didn’t play with their toys I was getting “the box.”

Logan started playing with Magnadoodle. Of course because Logan has the Magnadoodle it’s the one and only toy (out of WAY too many) Deacon wants. Just my luck. Here goes the whining, shouting, and crying. However, something miraculous happened. Truly miraculous. My previous lectures on brotherhood must have sunk in. Score one for mom.  As we all listened while Deacon cried in the other room, his big brother erased the Magnadoodle, got up off the couch, and walked into the other room and gave it to his brother. I was ready to do cartwheels but refrained. I had nothing to do with his decision to do this nice thing. My heart sang.

What unfolded next I really didn’t figure out until I put them to bed tonight. Deacon came out to ask how to spell “this” and then he asked how to spell “what.” That was the end of that. They grabbed laser tag and started running around the house and then we headed to the park (the only way I could get them outside without kicking their butts out the door.)

The Magnadoodle incident was out of my head. As they showered I went upstairs to get their pajamas and I turned down their beds. I then found the Magnadoodle on Logan’s pillow. With a drawing and a note. Not a thank you note of any kind.

practical joke

Now this mommy knew EXACTLY what this little punk drew for his brother and left so sweetly on his pillow. Logan inquired if it was a heart. As I gave Deacon the evil eye he said, “Um yeah, Loge it’s a heart.” Then he turns so sweet and innocently looking at me with his brown eyes and a smile that melts my heart…”it’s a heart mom.” Followed by the grin that secretly says, “Oh, shit please say mom is clueless.”

A BUM! A BUM! He drew his brother a bum and left it on his pillow for him to discover later. Logan this is your what? BUTT!!! As the rest unfolded and it was called out what the picture was my ears were then greeted by laughter. Pure laughter. (Honestly I thought Logan was yell) Logan took this first practical joke his brother pulled on him like a champ. My serious boy does have a sense of humor. A joke between brothers. The belly laughter. I’ll embrace this one. Even the little guy was dancing around the bedroom shaking his butt.

Now time for the lecture about how inappropriate it is to draw bums…I don’t want to know what they’ll be doodling 10 years from now.

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