Paging Doctor 4-Year-Old

We all know it sucks being sick. You can’t call out sick on this parenting deal. You just have to  keep trucking. However, I must say, I love my children’s reaction to me being sick. They turn into little angels. All of the sudden they start listening. It’s truly astonishing. “Mommy doesn’t feel well. I don’t want to raise my voice, can you PLEASE go get your shoes on.” Ta-da, it magically works. Shoes are on. Followed by extra hugs and “poor mama.” How did that happen? They seem to want to do everything they can to make you feel better. It’s quite heartwarming and also comical.

They boys were watching a movie in my room yesterday so I laid on the bed hoping to find some energy to finish the mountain of laundry and feeling defeated by the previous homework battle.

The 4-year-old: Mom, you’re going to snuggle us?

Me: Yes. I’m going to lay here for a little bit.

The 4-year-old: Why your eyes closed?

Me: I’m resting, I don’t feel well.

The 4-year-old: You sick?

Me: Yes. I have a cold.

The 4-year-old: When did that happen?

Me: Yesterday.

The 4-year-old: Oh. *patting my head* That make you feel better?

Me: Sure.

The 4-year-old: I’ll make you better. You need a vitamin. That’s going to make you feeling good. DAD!!!! Mom’s sick. I need a vitamin!

And in he comes with a Flintstone chewable vitamin and a cough drop. So proud of himself. He knew just how to fix his mom. It may not have cleared up the congestion but it sure made me smile. I’m so loved. Now to explain to him that sitting on my head does not make mommy feel better.


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