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One Too Many Apples


Of course with fall in New England comes the fun apple picking season. Nothing beats a fresh apple right off the tree. How about a fresh 18 pounds of apples. That’s right folks, 18 pounds of apples, actually it was 18.8 pounds but who’s counting? 18 pounds of apples for a family that doesn’t have kids who like to eat apple pie, apple crisp, or apple sauce. 18 pounds!

I couldn’t pass up the apple picking. Honestly, I really wanted some apple crisp and apple pie. Two of my fall favorites. Last year we went a little too late in the season so we didn’t get much. Well this year, they sure did pick ’em!!

Three little boys can pick a lot of apples in a matter of FIVE MINUTES! It didn’t matter if I said, “Don’t pick anymore.” “Wait to pick the other Macoun apples on the other side.” “Please don’t pick another apple.” “Did you even look at that before you picked it? It’s got a hole in it!” One particular child (who shall not be named) decided he was going to, as he called it, “sneak attack pick.” He thought it was funny…my wallett did not.

The weather was perfect and we did have a very fun 10 minutes in the orchard because I didn’t have cash left to go on a hay-ride, but the boys enjoyed themselves. Two apples crisp, an apple pie, a stuffed apple, and peanut butter and apples down. I now have ONE child that likes apple pie and apple crisp. Yay!! But I still have pounds and pounds of apples left.


So now I’m turning to you my dear readers…I need apple recipes, stat. Main dishes or desserts? What do you have to share? Help!

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  1. I’m in a similar situation (although we only have about 18 apples total, not pounds!) we went to the orchard yesterday, but luckily B loves applesauce and I’m going to make apple crisp. You said you made a stuffed apple… dessert or main dish? I’ve made stuffed apples for dinner before- crumbled pork sausage, rosemary, and some other ingredients….

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