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The Perfect Date

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I went on a date this week. It was a great date. We were outside, the weather was perfect, lunch was excellent, and we even saw a sloth. Yes, I had a surprise zoo lunch date with my handsome 4-year-old.

Last week was like a scene straight from Jerry Maguire. All I could picture was that cute little boy in glasses sitting next to pre-couch jumping Tom Cruise. “I love the zoo. Let’s go to the zoo.” “I want to go to the zoo.” “Can we go to the zoo now?” All at inopportune times. We had brothers to pickup from school, or the weather was bad, or I had to work. The zoo just wasn’t going to happen but the request kept coming over and over again throughout the week. Enough to drive a mama mad.

Although I would have loved to give him Cruise’s line “The f-ing zoo is closed,” I refrained and just told him it was closed and we would go another day. Requests for the zoo continued.

When I picked him up from preschool on Monday I whispered in his ear, “Do you want to go have lunch at the zoo?” A smile, a squeal, and an announcement to all of the preschool teaching staff followed.

It was special day. A little one-on-one with my little guy outside before the bitter winter cold sets in. I got him a hot dog and we talked about all his favorite animals. I laughed as he guessed which ones were male and female. I was then told, “you need to have a male and female so they can fight.” Alrighty then. “I love my lucky days!” exclaimed throughout our trek around the zoo.

I’ve been blessed to be working part-time lately and having these little moments of one-on-one time with him. I’m also feeling a little guilty that aside from reading at night, I haven’t really had any one-on-one time with my older guys. I definitely need to make some plans and make it a regular thing. How often do you get one-on-one time with your little ones? What are your favorite things to do together?

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13 thoughts on “The Perfect Date

  1. Oh my gosh, I love this! First – we’re Yankees fans, too! 🙂 Tough in this part of the country! My post today is SO RELATED to this! One on one time and how to enjoy parenting more! Your account of this special day made me smile the whole way through!

  2. I love one-on-one time, although it doesn’t happen often enough! With my 8-year-old daughter…looking at clothes for her. Even if we don’t buy, I love hearing her say, “Oh, Mommy, this is so cute!” With my 10-year-old son…Starbucks for a coffee and a cookie and hopefully some conversation. Cherish those moments!

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