It’s My Job As Your Parent…

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My children needed a reminder yesterday that I don’t say ‘no’ to be mean. I don’t make them do things to be mean. I’m their parent and it’s my responsibility to turn them in to healthy, mannered, a pleasure to be around human beings.

My job as your parent:

To love you unconditionally (the easiest job of all).

To make you eat healthy food. Food is fuel for your body. I say no to snacks right before dinner. I’m not a monster who is trying to starve you.

Limit video game time because you need a brain. I’m not making you play in the backyard to  torture you.

To make you go to bed on time because your body needs rest so all of your systems can function properly. (Yeah, I secretly can’t wait for you to go to bed so I can have some “me” time)

Stop jumping off the headboard, stop wrestling in front of the coffee table, look both ways when crossing the street, hold my hand in the parking lot. My job is to keep you alive and with as little broken bones as possible.

Check your attitude at the door. No one wants to hang out with a person who has a nasty attitude.

This is my job. It’s an exhausting job, but I love it. I’m crafting tiny humans.

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