Smart Is Cool

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We watched Monsters University over the weekend. Wait, let me rephrase that. We watched Monsters University multiple times this weekend. I think my husband and I were more excited to watch it than the kids. Monsters itself just brings me back to when my first born was 18 months old and was obsessed with Monsters, Inc. He would get so excited and start dancing to the jazz music in the opening credits. Monsters, Inc. played a big roll in my first years of parenthood so it will always hold a special place in my heart.

Fast-forward. So we were excited to see this movie. I love that Mike Wazowski! He’s very smart and tries real hard. As I was sitting there I thought of my 6 year old and how he’s more of a Sully. He’s into being “awesome” and he knows everyone in school. He’s very social. Often referred to as “the Mayor.” He’s very much like Sully. He struggles a little in school with reading, but he knows every Star Wars character there is.

As we were watching the end of the movie I turned to him and said, “See being smart is cool.”

To which he then quickly replied without missing a beat, “I don’t like being cold.”

He shut me up.

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