Avoiding The Toy Clutter

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It’s that time again people. Time to purge the toy room in panick for the upcoming holidays. Every family member and friend insists on getting your little ones something, and while the thought is wonderful you’re dying inside. How much more stuff can we possibly handle?

I am repeatedly asked that question, “What do the boys want for Christmas?” They never want to hear my response when I tell them, “don’t get them anything.” Honestly, they need nothing. Well one of them needs a new backpack because his broke, but other than that, they really don’t “need” anything. They want everything in Toys R Us.

One thing I don’t want is more toys. More toys to find a home for. So I’ve been pondering this question I have getting over and over. What would make a great gift and not overflow the toy box? Here’s my list.

1. Unfinished wooden bird houses they can paint. They make a great winter activity and then it finds a home outside. I know our local craft store has an abundance of different shapes and sizes. Check out this one that they actually have to build first.

wooden birdhouses

2. I’m not sure about your kids but all three of mine are wild about Legos. Okay, I am too. What better idea than some great, fun storage for those Legos. There’s a variety of different storage pieces for Lego out there. Help contain the clutter!

Lego storage options

3. A zoo pass for the year. Always a thoughtful gift they can enjoy throughout the year. If you’re worried about them not having anything to “open,” accompany it with a small stuffed animal.

4. Movie passes. Always helpful to the parents’ wallets. Make a themed basket with a box of their favorite candy.

5. Make a plate kit. These are great. A fun activity and also functional.

make your own plate

6. The gift of time is the most special. I would perfer a friend coming and picking up my child and going for ice cream, the zoo, or the playground. Something. Quality time one-on-one is so memorable. My kids absolutely LOVE when their uncle picks them up from school and takes them to play. More precious than getting a video game.

7. Magazine subscriptions to Highlights or National Geographic Kids. My son absolutely loves getting Nat Geo Kids in the mail every month.

8. Books. Books always make great gifts. Write a little note inside and they will be reminded of you every time they read that story. My boys love it.

lynn plourde

9. Now I really want to get these for my kids. Curious Chef nylon kids cooking knives. I truly enjoy cooking with my guys. I wish we did it more often. These knives are fantastic. They’re made safe for kids with a blunt tip, and they can go right in the dishwasher (always a bonus).

10. Help fund the karate or dance class they’ve been dying to try.

Hope these ideas help you this season. Happy holidays! If you have more suggestions, share them in the comments.

7 thoughts on “Avoiding The Toy Clutter

  1. Thank you so much for this. I nodded my head at everything on your list. I might just have to share this post on Facebook so the family know what to get my kids for christmas.

  2. Grandson’s toy box is overflowing, too. I’ve been trying to think of things he will enjoy but won’t put a strain on their limited space. These suggestions are great! 🙂

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