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Being A Grinch About The Grinch


I’ve been dying to watch The Grinch this year with the boys. I had it all planned for movie night. I was really excited about it. I love this movie. Jim Carey does such an awesome job playing Mr. Grinch. My happy holiday cheer got squashed by my six year old. Boo! He doesn’t want to watch it. Mind you he has seen it before and liked it. Not only does he not want to watch it, he actually asked me to throw it away. What?!

I tried to pry and figure out just what he didn’t like about the movie. All I got is “I don’t like it. I don’t like the Grinch.” Now, I can’t imagine my child would be scared of it. I mean, he begged and begged and begged somemore to watch movies like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Pirates of the Carribbean. I think Orks and death eaters are 100 times more scary. Can he possibly be scared of the Grinch? Really?

He loves when his dad reads him the book  with his Boris Karloff impression. I’m just so baffled. I want to enjoy one of my all time favorites with my guys, but he truly wants no part of it.

Do you have childhood favorites that your children want no part of? Can’t they just watch them and pretend to like them to make us happy? Booo hooo.

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  1. My mom was a fan of the Wizard of Oz and I disliked it and grizzled the whole time when we watched it. btw: the Grinch was one of the movies where my husband had tears in his eyes ( he is a silly guy, I know) :o)

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