Sweet Dreams My Dear Avery

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We lost our dog to old age. It’s been an emotional weekend to say the least. For those of you who are pet lovers you know the place they take in your heart and in your family. They are family, just like your children. We lost our baby boy 12 days shy of his 12th birthday, which is Christmas. It’s really going to make Christmases from now on pretty tough, but we’ll make it through. I think one of our biggest obstacles was telling the boys. Now we have discussed Avery’s old age before. We talked about how he won’t be here much longer, he’s getting older and thinner. They’ve said prayers hoping that he would make it to his birthday. We’ve given him extra hugs and kisses, but it still doesn’t prepare you. They broke down. It was devastating. I tried my best to keep it together but it was impossible.

Over the past few days we have been adjusting to the change. We’ve looked through photo albums and told stories. They particularly like when the bee flew up under his tail, or the time he tried bringing in a stick the size of boat through the doggie door. From his first arrival off the plane in his ridiculous little pink sweater he’s brought joy to us. Even his stubborn vizsla ways. I’m already missing putting a blanket on him every night (10 times because he doesn’t keep still). His whining to get his way. Stomping his paws for an extra treat. Peeing on every godforsaken thing in the backyard (I won’t miss that).

It’s the little things that you notice. Four paws clicking across the hardwood floor is a lot different than eight paws. I broke down making my sons’ lunches last night. He wasn’t at my heals waiting for me to cut the crust off the bread. And my big baby girl. My big baby girl is just heartbroken and missing her big brother. She honestly looks completely pathetic. She follows me everywhere with her sad eyes. She’s never been alone before. I’m not sure if she understands what happened or thinks we did something to him. Maybe she’ll start rethinking stealing sticks of butter off the counter and drinking my husband’s coffee right out of the mug. She’s got quite a rap sheet.

Being a one dog household is going to take some getting used to. My heart is aching, but I know he’s in a better place. He’s swimming and playing with his cousins. Lots of woods to run around in…and hopefully someone is there to put a blanket on his head just the way he likes it. Till we meet again my sweet Avery. Mommy and Daddy love you and we’ll miss your popcorn toes. Have fun doing all the things you love. xo

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someone is NOT supposed to be on that couch!
someone is NOT supposed to be on that couch!

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17 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams My Dear Avery

  1. I am sorry for your loss. Avery was so handsome. It is never easy to let them go, and only time can alleviate some of the pain their departure leaves in our lives and hearts. The best to you and your family during such a painful time.

      1. I know this feeling, we had the same bad thing some years ago. One of our dogs died and the other one missed him badly. It broke my heart when I saw her waiting on the door for her friend.

  2. I am so sorry you lost your first baby!! I just found out about this and I am heartbroken. The photo on your desk with him chewing on a (soccer?) ball was the cutest. I will miss seeing him and smacking his behind. RIP Avery <3

  3. I’m so sorry. You know we have just gotten a pet and are on the front end of all of this. I know their time with us is short. And boy do they just grab onto our hearts and not let go from the start. I hope time and memories will get you through.

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