Reflecting on 2013

2013 had its ups and downs as does every year. However, this year seemed different. I felt more present in life. I felt more like myself. I took time for myself. I asked for help when I needed it, and I didn’t have to change diapers!!!

2013 is the year I became a runner. It’s the year I challenged myself physically and found myself in the process. It’s been a lot of fun. I’ve  never considered myself a “runner,” and still didn’t consider myself one until I found myself running outside in winter! I was the person in the car watching people bundled up and running in the dead of winter and calling them “crazy!” Yeah, I’m now that person. It’s something I do for me, crazy and all.

running in cold

2013 was the year I went to working part time rather than full time. While this has been a constant financial struggle that hit us pretty hard, I had the summer of my life with my guys. We got to go to the beach almost every week. We had ice cream dates and rainy days in our jammies. We had quality time together. I wouldn’t trade that in for anything.

beach timemint chocolate chip

2013 was the year that one little man learned to read and swim.

Another went to school this year without anxiety and hiding under a chair. Big leaps!


Another little boy had the birthday party he’d been dreaming about for years!


2013 was the year I attempted my first garden. It went pretty well, but I certainly learned some things. Make it bigger for one. I didn’t realize how big the plants get. I grew some monstrous zucchini.

monster zucchini

2013 was the year we lost our Avery. Our first born. The wound is still fresh and we’re adjusting. We just miss him so much.

Viszla Avery

We’ve survived and lived another year. Between wanting to pull our hair out and hide under the covers, to the moments that brought smiles and pure joy…we made it. Here’s to all things wonderful in 2014. Happy New Year everyone! I hope the new year brings a bounty of good fortune in all areas of your life. Cheers!