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I Promise To Have a Banana


I think bananas are gross. They are disgusting. It’s mostly a texture thing. They are like mealy on the outside and slimy in the middle. Eww. My body twitches as I type this. However, bananas are a power food. Crazy power. After reading this article I decided I really should try to eat bananas daily (I have one a year). Afterall, I do make my kids eat things they don’t want to eat because I know it is good for them. Lead by example mama! Lead by example.


Bananas help fight depression. They help prevent kidney cancer, blindness, and osteoporosis. Oh and apparently you can shine your shoes and remove warts with them. Who knew!? They do everything good! All this goodness is packed up in this moosh. Eww. I’m making a vow to myself (and the kids) to have one banana every day. Five minutes of torture and hopefully no regurgitation.

Do you have texture problems with food?

12 thoughts on “I Promise To Have a Banana

  1. I have a texture thing with foods.. not bananas though. Tapioca. Shrimp cocktail. Definitely! What about throwing a banana in a smoothie? That would take away the texture thing for ya?

  2. I can only eat bananas that are still slightly green for this very reason. They still have a bit of a snap, no slime. Even better when paired with Peanut Butter (all natural kind) it is a total power food.

  3. I say if you hate it don’t eat it. There’s lots of potassium in 1/4 cup of almonds. Beans, too , I think. Find some potassium you love – scallops? I also like the idea of the banana smoothy thing the previous commenter suggested. It’s not gonna work if you don’t like it.

  4. I feel the same about bananas, but I eat them at morning tea most days because I know they are good for me and they are more filling than other fruit and can keep me going until lunchtime. I agree with Lynette that slightly green is a bit more tolerable, although if they are too underripe and powery that is even worse!

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