Drink Wine and Carry On

I was reading through my Fitness Magazine today and came across this article about making over your metabolism. I love articles like this. Anything that helps rationalize my nightly glass of vino is a great article in my book. My closet friends know I can figure out how to rationalize just about everything from a shoe purchase to half a bar of dark chocolate. I just had to share.

Don’t party too hard.

A glass of wine a day probably won’t cause weight gain. Research shows that people who drink small amounts frequently have healthier body mass indexes than those who drink larger amounts less frequently. Several studies have found a link between occasional bouts of heavy drinking — consuming at least six cocktails at a time — and excessive abdominal fat. “The liver normally breaks down stored fat for energy,” Dr. Cederquist says. “But with heavy alcohol intake, your body prioritizes the detoxification of the alcohol over the metabolism of fat.” Translation: You hold onto fat and torch fewer calories. Buzzkill!

Make it happen: Sip no more than one drink a day. And make it a glass of wine, preferably red. In a recent review of studies at the University of Navarra in Spain, vino wasn’t associated with weight gain, but hard liquor was. This may be because the compound resveratrol, found in the skin of grapes, inhibits the production or accumulation of fat.”

“Inhibit the production or accumulation of fat”…Cheers people!

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