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Bookshelf – the ones that baffle me


There are books that make me scratch my head and wonder how did this get published? Caldecott, really? Some of the books end up in the giveaway pile and others my children really enjoy…which then again leaves me scratching my head.

There is The Underpants Zoo. Now I get it, it makes potty training and wearing underpants more fun, but my kids are passed that stage and still love this book. Probably because it says “underpants” fifty times.

Then there is this Dragons Love Tacos book. A New York Times best seller. Really? I don’t get it. This was my “book by its cover” purchase, then I read it. Dragons like tacos but not salsa. Okay. 40 pages of how dragons like tacos. Well, my kids love it…I just wish all three loved tacos.

Don’t even get me started on DinoTrux. Awful.

I think some of these really bother me because I sit and wonder “how did this get published?” You see, my husband wrote and illustrated a REALLY great children’s book, but to get something published is impossible. I did so much research and no one was accepting new material. You had to have a literary agent to be able to submit anything. I’m constantly toying with the idea with just self-publishing it as a e-book, but I visualize it sitting on someone’s bookshelf. Oh well. Maybe some day. Meanwhile, I’m just staring at these books and scratching my head.

What are some of your kids’ favorite books that make you wonder, why? Do we have to read that one again?

4 thoughts on “Bookshelf – the ones that baffle me

  1. I totally agree! On the fact that some kids’ books are head-scratchers and on the fact that getting a children’s book published is next to impossible these days (I’ve written over 20 and have had bursts of attempts to get published over the years…all to no avail). I really think self-publishing may be the way to go…

  2. I scratch my head a lot too. Has your husband looked into trying to get an agent instead of submitting to publishers? Are you on Twitter? Many agents are and they have links to their sites from there with submission info. Tell your husband good luck!

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