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Childhood Friends Are Good For the Soul

There is something about childhood friends. You can not see them for what seems like years and the minute you’re together it was like you saw them yesterday. You start right where you left off.

I had the opportunity to have dinner and drinks with three of my friends from childhood. I mean from grade school to high school. It was like being at the lunch table in high school again. The only difference was that we were drinking wine. Oh, and of course I wasn’t eating a yogurt, pretzels, and an overly processed chocolate chip cookie.

We chatted a little about motherhood, but then we dove right into the old high school gossip again. Reminiscing about all the fun times we had, and sometimes questioning ourselves “what were we thinking!?” I must say it was good for the soul. I left the restaurant feeling a little bit younger again. Refreshed. I know that these are people I can count on even if we haven’t crossed paths in a while. I found this quote on friendship and it really spoke to me. I just had to share it.


2 thoughts on “Childhood Friends Are Good For the Soul

  1. Love this, Sheri. I so wish I were closer so I could join you guys! I think that’s what’s hardest for me about moving away from home – all of my dearest friends. Love and miss you!
    xo ~ Lia

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