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Fate, Destiny, Karma, Luck…?

Things always seem to happen this way. I don’t know what it is; karma, destiny, or just jinxing myself with last week’s post. This is the week I have to work full-time with no coverage. All five days. I haven’t worked a full week in 9 months. I was somewhat looking forward to it, as odd as that might be.

And of course this is the week that I get sick, my youngest gets sick, and my oldest boy ends up with an abscess and a tooth extraction! Seriously?! I can’t even call out sick!

I chalk it up to motherhood. I haven’t been sick in ages and now I feel like I’ve been beaten with a 2×4 and still need to truck along. An abscess, really? How did that come along. Awful timing. I am SO grateful to have a husband who can handle that stuff because it makes me pass out…and I’m not kidding. It’s a wonder how I ever brought three children into this world. Well, when it rains it pours. What’s next? Time for some tea.

tea time

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