Morning Surprises

After the crazy week we had last week, when Friday arrived I would have done cartwheels…if I had the energy. To make things even more awful I had to spend Friday evening at the local skating/laser tag center for a birthday party. Talk about H-E-double L. I could not wait to get home and pour a glass of wine and then go to bed. I had been looking forward to a lazy Saturday morning if my kids would allow.

My Saturday morning of course started with a cold nose poking at me to let her out at 5:45am. I immediately went back to bed. I woke again to the chatter of the boys upstairs playing something. They hadn’t even come to wake me up. They were playing nicely so I decided to just lay there and not disturb them (for them of course, not because my body refused to move). I heard them coming down the stairs and knew I would have to get up and make them breakfast, but that is when I heard all the giggling. Now you would think that giggling is just this innocent little thing, but this mommy knows that means they’re conspiring against me somehow. I know what they’re doing…they’re going to find the M&Ms I have stashed. I just laid there and contemplated getting out of bed, but again my body really didn’t want to. I let it slide and just listened. What’s a little bit of chocolate in the morning, right?

I heard the dog bowl being filled. Score! Then I heard them getting bowls out of the cabinet. Then I heard it…cereal? Cereal? Wait, not M&Ms being poured? Oh my goodness….they were getting their own breakfast!!! Double Score!

I figured this would buy me another ten minutes of peace and lethargy. Then I heard more giggling outside my door. I seriously expected a raid with Nerf swords flailing. I closed my eyes and pretended I was sleeping. It was my only defense. And that’s when one of the boys came in (carrying a battle axe) and placed something right on my pillow.


a sons love

My heart just melted. A little valentine surprise. You can’t beat the love of a son. Just what I needed after a long, crazy, and sick week.

They weren’t conspiring against me, they were conspiring to suprise me. And they didn’t even find the M&Ms, they were just taking care of themselves for, as they put it, “sick mom.”

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