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Our Valentines Recap

Oh how Valentine’s day has changed over the years. Although my husband and I were never really huge into the holiday we still celebrated a little with dinner in and a movie. Well now we have new traditions that include all our little loves. We have a party. A very classy dinner (pizza)accompanied by my all time favorite sugar cookies from the bakery in my home town. And what party in this house would be complete without a glowstick dance party? This year we followed it all up with some hide and seek, Simon says, and a movie.

Looking back at our old way of spending Valentine’s Day…and our new way. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

valentines day


Party on boys.

glowstick dance party

4 thoughts on “Our Valentines Recap

  1. My husband and I haven’t really celebrated it till now, but that might change with our second little one on the way. Reading this reminds me how much my mom loved celebrating each of the holidays with us, and you know, I would love my kids to have the same kinds of memories of their own childhoods!

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