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One on One Time

I think it’s important to spend a little one on one time with my guys. Even the rare times where one child decides to accompany you to the grocery store. First of all you’re less stressed out with just the one (there are less “can we get those?”), secondly you can really have a conversation. My sons wanted to do a one on one overnight. This meaning two brothers sleep over Gram and Pop’s house and the lone brother gets mom and dad all to himself all night. I thought this was a wonderful idea and so did Gram and Pop.

My husband and I figured we would take him to play Monster Golf seeing his brothers never want to go there. It was going to be so wonderful. Unfortunately, we got snowed in. AGAIN (I’m so over this winter)! We would have to make some other plans. Maybe play games and watch a movie? As I brought two of the boys to my parents, my husband stayed home and played “Father May I?” and some other games with the lone wolf. By the time I got back they had moved onto video games. Then the invitation came across the screen. Cousin Ryan wanted to play online. All this talk about one and one time and I was immediately ditched for Minecraft. I sat, feeling slightly rejected, and listened to the happiness and laughter coming from the next room. I was little sad but he was happy and that’s what this night was about. Making this boy happy.

minecraftI eventually got “my” time with him. Although he wasn’t interested in playing a lively game of UNO with us, we enjoyed a movie and popcorn in mom and dad’s bed. The best part…he got to pick out the movie (Matilda) and there was no arguing about it. It’s often a huge process in this house,  normally resulting in someone being super upset. He even got to sleep with us. It was our very own slumber party.

I may have been ditched for a little while, but he did declare it “the best sleepover ever!”

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