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The LEGO Movie

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.
Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

We ended up taking the kids to see the Lego Movie the other night. They had been asking since before it came out. It’s not often we go to the theater due to the cost for a family of five (outrageous), but we just HAD to take them to see this being it school vacation and all. They were so excited. We had originally seen the trailer during the summer when we last went to the movies (Despicable Me 2). I must say, my husband and I were just as excited to see it. I’m a closet Lego freak.

Overall we loved the movie. It was funny, witty, and loveable. I adored Will Arnett’s Batman. The general idea of the story: think outside the box, be creative, and stop needing everything to be “perfect,” which really hit home with me. What a wonderful way to teach these concepts to children. I now have the need to go buy a huge mess of Legos to let them be creative with…no instructions. If you haven’t seen it yet…my entire family recommends it. “Everything is Awesome”

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  1. I didn’t see it. My husband took the kids. I’m curious if my family got that message! No one mentioned it. 😉 I think that’s true though. It’s important to think outside the box. So important.

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