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Thursday Night is BACK!

Who else is over-the-moon excited about tonight? Greys Anatomy and Scandal are back!! It’s been way too long. A ton of my friends have been getting dragged in and caught up on both Revenge and Scandal lately (thank you Netflix). A few episodes and they’re addicted and crazed just like me. I know many that have been bingeing through to catch up and be ready for tonight. Cheers friends! Now welcome to being stuck with the rest of us who have to wait every week for a new episode.

Spoiler Alert if you’re not caught up:

How does April respond to those gorgeous green eyes and trembling words? “April, I love you, I always have. I love everything about you. Even the things I don’t like, I love. And I want you with me. I love you, and I think that you love me too…. Do you?” Say what!? Speak April, speak!


The victim, wait no a terrorist? Dun Dun Dunnn….

olivia pope

Huck…you’re scaring me.

Excited to learn a little more about Harrison this half of the season.

At last my Thursday evening will be complete. Trifecta Thursday…don’t forget my love for The Vampire Diaries too. All new tonight as well. Yes, three hours of bliss tonight. Cheers my friends, and hello Mr. President. Welcome back.

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