A Mom and the Rainbow Loom

I’m pretty certain that I am not the only mother out there that uses the Rainbow Loom after the kids have gone to bed? Anyone?

We’re late to the whole Rainbow Loom craze. Santa was supposed to deliver a Rainbow Loom for Christmas but it must have fallen off the sled. Oops. Anywho, my eldest and I went to the craft store a few weeks ago and got a Rainbow Loom. I showed him how to use it and he spent the afternoon making bracelets rather than asking to play video games or arguing with his brothers. Score for mommy! However, he wanted to know how to do the “really cool” ones. AKA he wanted mom to make the “really cool” ones. So this mommy immediately went to You Tube for some tutorials. I was amazed by all the videos and variety of bracelets, etc.

This is where it all happened. I became a Rainbow Loom addict. I think I spent about four hours at the dining room table with a beer (or two), the Rainbow Loom, and You Tube. I must say the kids were thrilled to wake up to some new “really cool” bracelets. I have since found myself a few times with wine in one hand and a rainbow hook in the other while bingeing on Breaking Bad. I find it somewhat therapeutic (except when a band slips…grrr).

looming addiction

Creating all these bracelets is well and good, but what to do with all them? There are some great organizations out there such as Looms for Love. Organizations that collect bracelets and handmade cards to give to local children’s hospitals and nursing homes. It’s such a wonderful way to get your children involved in their community and bring smiles to people. So now as I loom in our leftover “girly” colors the boys don’t want, I know these bracelets of hot pink will find a home with a child who will love them.

Loom on mamas.

5 thoughts on “A Mom and the Rainbow Loom

  1. I’m an addict myself. I think you commented on my post on the same subject. Thank you for letting me know about Looms For Love. A ton of bracelets will now find a good home!

  2. I just watched Jimmy Kimmel and his ‘loom suit’ last night and I thought all those kids’ efforts were adorable. Sending your creations to the organization is so sweet of you. 🙂

  3. Ooh, I bet that *would* be addictive! Such pretty final results – nice work! I’ve never even heard of a rainbow loom. 😛

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