The Kitchen

Chicken Sausage Saute

I’m always trying to find a nice quick week-night meal. Tonight I wanted to try something different. I’m sick of plain old chicken, fish, pork, and steak. I decided I would try chicken sausage. Although my children of course turned up their noses and opted for cheese/olive quesadillas, or as Finn calls it “pizzadilla,” my husband and I enjoyed it.

Here’s what I put in my dish:

Half a small red onion, diced.

Half an orange pepper, diced.

6 chopped asparagus stalks.

Two chopped portabella mushroom caps (or you can use sliced baby bellas).

About 3 cups of baby kale.

One package of chicken sausage. I removed the casing from mine.

Olive oil and salt & pepper of course. Although the seasoned sausage provided all the flavor needed.

Just chop and drop! Olive oil in the pan first, followed by the onion. Then add the sausage and start to brown it. When sausage is about cooked through add the pepper, the asparagus*, and the mushrooms. Once everything is cooked till it’s tender, add the kale. Let it wilt and serve it up with some brown rice, quinoa, or just on its own.
chicken sausage saute
*if you like your asparagus a little more cooked, wrap the stalks in a wet paper towel and microwave them for 30-45 seconds before chopping them and adding them to the pan.