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Just Have Fun… the laundry can wait

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Saturday was a beautiful, almost spring-like day here in little Rhody. After the kids finally realized that I wasn’t lying to them when I said, “no more screens, it’s beautiful outside,” they stepped out onto the porch. Whoa! It was at least 50 degrees and the sun was shining. “Can we play outside!?”

We went to the park and I didn’t even care that they were ankle-deep in puddles. They played. What a joyous sound, your kids playing outside. I forgot how much I missed it. After this long hibernating winter (which is still here – more snow Thursday), it was nice to just have one day of “warmth” and sunshine. It was clearly mood altering for me.

I decided I would make the family a candle lit dinner. It was great, especially seeing they can’t see the little specs of green hidden in their food. Ha, ha, ha. One child even ate asparagus. Win one for mom!


After dinner we cleared the table and I looked at the messy kitchen, and for once, I just turned around and let it be. We grabbed glow sticks and danced around the living room. We had an epic game of hide and seek in the dark, followed by some indoor “Marco/Polo.” We laughed, played, and enjoyed each other’s company. Sometimes you just have to stop and be in the moment. The dirty dishes and laundry and EVERYTHING else will still be there when you get back.

3 thoughts on “Just Have Fun… the laundry can wait

  1. Sounds like a great day! We had a warm spell in Wisconsin too and enjoyed getting outside. ..but more cold to come! Ugh..

    Yes, the work can be undone sometimes to just be in the moment and have fun!

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