Fitness Friday: Fat Fry

Now that we are FINALLY seeing some signs of spring it’s going to be time to put the bulky sweaters away and break out the T’s and tanks. With that comes bare arms! Eek. I figured I would share another quick 10 minute video from Fitsugar. I will admit that the first 2:30 minutes of this video are challenging for me. My shoulders want to die, but once I get past that first couple of minutes I’m okay. I try to do this one at least twice a week. 10 minutes isn’t too much to ask. It’s better than doing nothing.

Pros for this workout:

  • It is only 10 minutes.
  • Just need a set of 5-10lb dumbells.
  • It contains compound moves that give you cardio and strength training.
  • Again…it’s only 10 minutes of your time. Do it twice if you have more time.

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5 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: Fat Fry

  1. Looks pretty doable. Hopefully my time will free up this week for some much needed exercise.


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